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In Quest of the Quest


Pros: Loved all the guest lecturers and learning about the staff. Ship was very nice and staff super nice and helpful.

Cons: Would like to have seen a large Deck # on each floor, coming up or down the stairways, as several times we went the wrong direction!

Recommended: Yes

The bus pick-up from the airport to the ship in Lewiston/Clarkston was not very good. Staff couldn't seem to get the count right and then they were overbooked for the bus. A van was hired and we had to wait until it arrived and then wait again while they figured out how to open the back hatch - which took another 20-30 minutes. Riding on the Zodiacs was fun and staff were so informed about most everything. Loved the Hell's Canyon trip. Nice to have access to the Captain also. If entertainment was to mean the nightly lectures, they were great plus so interesting to hear from the member of the Nez Perce. Seems like a few side trips that were planned were not done?


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