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National Geographic Islander II

Lindblad Expeditions

Ship Overview

Lindblad Expeditions is thrilled to announce a new member of the fleet. Launching in August 2022, the sleek and elegant National Geographic Islander II will sail year-round in the Galápagos Islands and elevate the guest experience to an entirely new level. This new ship replaces the National Geographic Islander and carries the same number of guests.

National Geographic Islander II  |  Cruises

10-night Wild Galapagos & Peru Escape Cruise06/21/2024from $15,389

7-night Wild Galapagos Escape Cruise08/10/2024from $10,622

10-night Wild Galapagos & Peru Escape Cruise09/27/2024from $9,077

10-night Wild Galapagos & Peru Escape Cruise11/08/2024from $11,556

7-night Wild Galapagos Escape Cruise01/02/2025from $12,684

7-night Wild Galapagos Escape Cruise02/13/2025from $9,124

10-night Wild Galapagos & Peru Escape Cruise03/28/2025from $12,731

10-night Wild Galapagos & Peru Escape Cruise05/09/2025from $12,068

7-night Wild Galapagos Escape Cruise06/28/2025from $13,721

7-night Wild Galapagos Escape Cruise08/09/2025from $10,731

7-night Wild Galapagos Escape Cruise10/23/2025from $8,154

7-night Wild Galapagos Escape Cruise12/27/2025from $16,586

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