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Onboard Activities

Whether you're looking for spirited competition, mind-bender challenges or just love the fun of a themed dance party, Celebrity has it all. Your vacation experience can be filled with as many activities as you have the energy for. Your "Celebrity Today" daily program is delivered each night and serves as your map to a treasure of fun & exciting activities taking place onboard.

Brush up on your basketball, ping-pong and golf putting skills. Then join in for fun-filled tournaments.
Trivia Contests

Have a blast challenging your knowledge of a wide variety of topics with this modern and interactive approach to trivia contests. Activities range from Daily Trivia to full-on Game Shows & Trivia Tournaments.
Theme Parties
Celebrity Rox, Groove, Masque, and [email protected]
Religious Services 
Celebrity ships offer religious services for Catholic and Jewish faiths, as well as, Interdenominational services during major religious holidays (see detailed information below). Guests of all faiths are able to host their own spiritual fellowship or group gathering by inquiring with the Guest Relations Desk onboard.

Catholic Mass: A Roman Catholic Priest will conduct daily mass during Lent, Palm Sunday, Easter Sunday, and Christmas Day.
Interdenominational Services: A Minister will conduct services on Easter Sunday and Christmas Day.
Jewish Services: A Jewish Rabbi or Cantor will conduct services during Passover, Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur, and Hanukkah.

In-Port Religious Services: Please check with the Guest Relations Desk for information pertaining to your respective faith. Due to the varied itineraries, each ship has religious services information for local houses of worship.

Holy Land Voyages: A Roman Catholic Priest will conduct Daily and Sunday Mass during each Holy Land cruise. A Jewish Rabbi or Cantor will conduct Friday evening Shabbat Service during each Holy Land cruise.

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